Winter Rules due to Commence
Monday 30 October 2023
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Following a number of challenging years we put in place a plan to get some much needed improved grass coverage on our fairways. This work has been ongoing and there have been some great strides made throughout 2023 but this will still require ongoing care, attention and work to continue these improvements.

Therefore, in order to give the grass as much help as possible, it has been decided to bring the winter rules of mats or drop in the semi into play once again, a little earlier than we would ultimately like, but this is all to benefit the turf longer term.

The Winter Rules will hopefully give the grass a little bit of time whilst it is still growing to keep the plant returning and help it strengthen up ahead of the winter weather.

Therefore, as of Monday 30 October the use of Mats is requested but the following options are available for members. Mats may become compulsory for all members should any of the below options be mis-utilised or abused.

* Mats MUST be used on all fairways and closely mown areas.
* Mats MAY also be used in the semi-rough.
* Mats MUST NOT be used in the rough and/or tree copses.

* Members may elect to drop, and place, off the fairway and closely mown areas provided they drop the ball AT LEAST TWO CLUB LENGTHS from the edge of the fairway or closely mown area – not nearer the hole!

In competition play you must elect prior to commencing your round to play under either Option 1 or Option 2. You CANNOT interchange.

The Greens Committee would prefer members to select Option 1 at all times, in order to ensure the maintenance of quality course conditions during the main competition season

Mats are available to purchase from behind the Bar or the Office at £8.50.

Thank you for your co-operation
Greens Committee
October 2023

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3/12/23 Course Open. Temporary greens on all holes. Buggies not allowed. Drainage work is restricting traffic on the 1st and 4th holes. All golfing traffic to keep wide left at the start of the 4th fairway to go around two open drainage trenches. Signage and white paint to be observed for traffic routes. THE COURSE, IT’S STEPS AND SURFACES MAY BE SLIPPERY WHEN FROSTY, DAMP OR WET. Golfers must ensure to wear appropriate footwear to meet the prevailing conditions.
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