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Gent's Comps currently open up for booking via the PSI screen in the clubhouse most Fridays at 4.00pm and then to the online booking facility via PC’s, Tablets, Phones etc at 09.00am on the Saturday morning.

The split in the opening times was originally designed to encourage members to come down to the club to book and also partake in a beverage or two, with the benefit being the ability to cherry pick one of the open tee times, however this has not quite been the case.

What is actually happening is that a few members are coming down to the club and booking many people into the next available comp thus leaving less and less slots available to the members who can only book in on the Saturday morning, especially with the dark nights creeping in.

For a trial period starting Friday 09 November, Gent's Comps will open up for booking at 4.00pm 'across the board’, meaning you can book via the PSI in the clubhouse and remotely via PC’s, Phones, Tablets etc all at the same time.

Hopefully this will run fairly smoothly and we look forward to monitoring how the Tee Times go over the next couple of weeks.

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