Lockdown 2 confirmed
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Sadly it was confirmed over the last few days that there will be no exceptions for any social / amateur sporting activities announced in the lockdown restrictions. All Golf Courses must close, therefore we have now closed our Clubhouse and our Course from 05 November until 02 December.

We are clearly disappointed by this decision as we feel ours and other Golf Courses are one of the safest places to be with Play Safe protocols in place, if they are followed closely.

However we all must do our part and follow the rules to get through this together. We will work like everyone to try and get the virus back down to manageable levels during this 'lockdown' period.

We hope everyone stays safe and does their utmost to avoid all social contact and reduce your transmission possibilities during what we are sure will feel a short 4 week period.

We can’t wait to welcome all our Members and Guests back to Southport Old Links.

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05.11.2020 09:07
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Due to Government restrictions both the Course and Clubhouse are now Closed. Keep Safe Everyone
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