Dress Code and Standards

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Council have agreed standards that should be applied both on the Golf Course and within the Clubhouse. These standards are in place to ensure that all persons using the facilities of our Club, Members, Guests and Visitors alike, are able to do so in a manner that may be expected of a Private Members Golf Club.

Dress Code: - Full details of the club’s dress code are displayed prominently within the clubhouse

and on the club website. Unless otherwise stated the general standard is smart casual dress (incl. approved golf attire)

This standard precludes the wearing of jeans, trainers, non-tailored shorts, “beach” footwear, sports caps. Logos on clothing must be discreet.

Ladies dress code should be to an equivalent standard.

Golf shoes are not permitted within any of the lounge / bar areas.

Smoking: - Smoking is prohibited throughout the Clubhouse. This restriction applies to all forms of smoking, including vapour / e-cigarettes.

Mobile Telephones: - The use of mobile telephones is prohibited within the clubhouse. Mobile telephones
may be taken onto the golf course for use in emergencies only. When switched on, whether on the golf course or within the clubhouse, mobile telephones should be turned to silent mode.

It is accepted that mobile devices perform many other functions than just telephoning. Whilst the use of texts, mobile data, etc. is permitted users should ensure that devices are in silent mode and that they are not providing annoyance to other club users.

General Behaviour: -

Expletive language and rowdy behaviour is not acceptable anywhere within the confines of the golf club, course and surrounds. Consideration for other users of the golf club is essential. Language and behaviour should be controlled at all times to avoid offense and maintain the good reputation of the club.

Adherence Policy: -

Council do not wish to cause offence or embarrassment to any member, guest or visitor to the club. In the first instance a club official may point out a
transgression and give a reminder for future reference.

Upon a further transgression the member may receive a written reminder of the standards required. Continued breaches of the Club’s standards may incur a more formal written notice of standards expected of club members, guests and visitors.

These standards are in place to ensure the enjoyment of our club and facilities are available to everyone. Council ask that you join with them to maintain a high standard and reputation for our club.


of Publishing - 01 May 2015

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